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CMA Articles and Useful Links

Here are some articles to get you started with CMA training.  Check back as more articles will be added over time.  This information is provided to improve your martial art skills.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Seminars and remote training is available.  You can do this.



Lines of Defense by Craig Sira

Here is a critical article on the Line of Defense:  Prevention, Awareness and Readiness.  This is a huge part of an effective combat mindset.

The founder of Aikijitsu, Takeda Sokaku, defined aiki in the following way: The secret of aiki is to overpower the opponent mentally at a glance and to win without fighting.

Why Do You Want To Train In The Martial Arts by Craig Sira

Hit the Head Hard by Craig Sira

When it comes to combat skills the starting point is to be able to hit the head hard.

     Knee Strike -

      Palm Strike -

     Elbow Strike -

     Hammer Fist Strike -

     Downward Hammer Fist Strike - 

     The Slap -

     The Vertical Elbow -

     The Stomp - 

Stick Fighting by Craig Sira

 I like to get students swinging a stick along with the unarmed power strikes.  The body mechanics are the same.  Keep it simple.

     Forehand Diagonal -

     Backhand Horizontal -

     Forehand Horizontal -

     Redondo -

     Backhand Diagonal -

     2 handed point -

     2 handed center -

    2 handed butt end -

Effective Techniques by Craig Sira

This is an important article on the importance of testing your techniques before you have to use them.  Also introduces the importance of Knockout Training in CMA.

Knife Fighting by Craig Sira

Knife Fighting is an important skill to develop.  The following article will provide you with information on how to improve your knife skills.

     Upper Thrust -

     Lower Thrust -

     Upswing -

     Hook -

Weapon Defense

You can deal with a weapon when you are unarmed.  It takes very simple approach that works under the stress of adrenaline. 

Ground Fighting:  Get to Your Feet by Craig Sira

The most important skill in ground fighting is to be able to get to your feet.

Myth of Grappling by Bradley J. Steiner

This is not a CMA article but is excellent and highly recommended.  It is written by a true master of self protection.  It is so good I wish I had written it.

Simply Natural by Craig Sira

I wrote this article in the mid 90's and it still applies today.



W.E. Fairbairn Knife Fighting by W. E. Fairbairn

This link to W.E. Fairbairn Knife Fighting demo is priceless.

Bassai and NiaHanchin Kata by Craig Sira

Bassai and NiaHanchin are great katas.  Both have a long history in karate and are full of great moves for applications.  Bassai -  NiaHanchin - 

CMA Combat Fitness Mini-Workout:  Power Strikes and Plyo Push Ups 

Here is a mini combat fitness workout that combines power strikes with plyo push ups.

Chi Gung by Craig Sira

It is important that you take care of yourself.  Chi Gung is very important.  Here is a demo of an excellent chi gung exercise.