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CMA System

Combative Martial Arts (CMA) is a modern martial art system based on the ancient martial arts.  It integrates the best ideas and techniques from other systems.  Historically martial art experts were capable of defending themselves and others, had the courage to stand up for what is right and were respected for their insight and wisdom. CMA builds on these fine traditions.  You will develop many benefits such as improved confidence, self respect and physical fitness while having a great time.

The ultimate goal of martial art training is to learn how to protect yourself and others. Each of us has a natural self preservation instinct that kicks in to protect us. When your life is on the line, your body kicks into survival mode with adrenaline surging through your system.  Our goal is not to hurt others but to protect ourselves. We need realistic martial art training that complements our self protection instinct. Realistic martial arts have the following training objectives:

To 'develop the ability to protect yourself from any realistic attack that is tested via adrenaline scenarios'.

Complemented by

To 'finish off the attacker as quickly as possible, ideally with one strike'. 

To ‘finish off the attacker without having to throw a strike’.


to 'Keep Fighting'.

The program begins by enrolling and regular participation in one of the weekly classes.


Many times I am asked what makes CMA unique or different from many of the other systems?  Here are some common differences:

  • Clear purpose - the training objectives focus and guide your training.  This is how your skills are tested against.
    • Training in vital targets, finishing techniques, set ups and combative mind set & fighting spirit.
    • Stress on finishing techniques (with special finishing drills).
    • Stress on attacking techniques (with special attack drills and attack training method).
    • Training based on natural, instinctive movements so it is simple and fast to learn and apply.
    • Street focus.
  • Training Methods that work.  CMA has a proven system that will develop and raise your skill level.
    • Four Learning Stages - memorization and imitation, develop and experiment, application and integration, personalization
    • Results focus - based on experience and what works.
    • Personalized - use what works for the person.
    • Class time with partner not air.
    • Continuous improvement.  The curriculum is flexible and incorporates improvements.
    • Step by step learning
  • Using Awareness and Boundary skills (including verbal skills) to prevent a situation from occurring.

The classes stress Respect at all times.  Students in the program develop self defense skills, increase their self confidence and improve their physical fitness while enjoying a fun, challenging work out.  This is a safe learning environment where everyone learns and supports each other.  The students help each other succeed and assist everyone in reaching their goals. 

Physical Techniques

The physical techniques are organized into 4 areas:


   Stand Up





   Power Strikes


   Twisting Strikes





   Joint Locks



Evade and Intercept

   Evasion Footwork and Body Movements

   Interceptors - limb destructions, traps/parries, covers/blocks

   Iron Shirt

The step by step curriculum begins with unarmed and armed (stick and knife) positioning, striking, grappling and trapping techniques.  Both standing and ground fighting are covered.  Once a technique is learned then drills are taught to develop your attributes.  You also learn how to apply the techniques and ideas to full contact sparring.  This is taught in a step-by-step manner to develop the your confidence and to do it in a safe manner.  The proper combative mind-set and fighting spirit are developed and stressed at all times.

Training that gets Results

Training in CMA gets big time results.  The training is at a very high level of intensity.  The techniques are effective as demonstrated in the video clips below.  You will learn high quality techniques like palm and chops that work.  You will enjoy the feeling of success as you achieve tangible results.

The already powerful palm strike is made more effective when combined with pressure points as demonstrated below ( and

You will develop confidence in the techniques by fun yet challendging drills.  You can test the techniques in scenerios and full contact sparring.  Here is an example of full contact stick sparring (with real not foam sticks, the only protection is the fencing mask).  Talk about an adrenaline rush. or

We test our training in adrenaline scenerios against a full armored attacker(s) powered by the FAST Defense training method (

Here are some other adrenaline scenarios video clips:

As you can tell from the video clips, this is high-level training.  CMA goes beyond self protection training.  For the martial artist who wants more, this is the perfect system. 

Self Protection Code of Safety

Safety is critical.  Everyone in the class is responsible to behave in a safe manner. This includes the following:

1. Behaviors that must be followed.

a. Reduce force of strikes to the head

b. No throws to the head

c. Slow cranks to the head

d. Slow crank to other submissions.

2. Always make certain your partner is ready.

3. Operate at a safe level of intensity for both partners.

If an injury occurs then 2 weeks starting at time of injury of reduced training level. This will occur every week until the instructor and student ok regular training. 


The following quote is from someone who attended a self protection workshop.

BJ wrote on Apr 8, 2009 4:20 PM:

" This is great training. You will be hard pressed to find better, more-practical, realistic-self defense. This won't win you trophies, but it will save your life or the life of a loved one, which is what really counts. "