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Remote Training - CMA

Get involved today.  The Combative Martial Art Association (CMAA) is open to all martial artists interested in self defense.  If you are a martial art instructor and would like to get involved with Combative Martial Arts (CMA) for your school or class then contact Craig for affiliate information.  Remote training, including becoming a study group leader, is available.

This is a good way to learn CMA for those interested but unable to attend a CMA class.  The techniques in CMA are very simple and based on natural, instinctive movements.  As a result, it can be learned without regular classes.  While it is best to have regular workouts with a CMA instructor, it is possible to progress by training with the books, DVDs and attending special workouts.  Please contact Craig for more information. 

 Begin your training today.  I can instruct seminars at your location. 

Remote Training Plan

This is for someone who wants to train and progress in Combative Martial Arts (CMA) but is unable to attend a class.  This training plan will take you from beginner to black belt.  Remote training follows the same path as does training in person.  

The books and DVDs can all be purchased at  Please refer to the store for more information.  The book series was written to cover everything to black belt.  The DVDs complement the books.  Here is a taste of what you will learn:

The Palm Strike -

The Back Elbow and Hammerfist -

1. Foundation Level:

Finish It:  How to Finish Off An Attacker

Finish It With a Stick

Finish It With a Knife 

Finish It With Your Training

Finish It With your Spirit

CMA Combat Fitness #1:  Technique Form DVD

Combat Fitness #2:  Partner Training DVD

Combat Fitness #4:  Conditioning Bagwork DVD

Civilian Self Protection:  Stick Fighting DVD 

Civilian Self Protection:  Knife Fighting DVD

Finish It With a Choke or Strangle DVD

2.  Will to Kill Level:

Kill or Get Killed by Rex Applegate 

Finish It With a Knockout Vol 1 DVD

Finish It With a Knockout Vol 2- Pressure Drills DVD

Finish It With a Scorpion Finish:  Grab then Strike DVD

3.  Will to Survive Level:

Combat Fitness #3:  30/20 Workout DVD

4.  Black Belt Level

             Living the Martial Way by Forrest Morgan

Learning the material is easy.  The hard, yet fun, part is to train hard and make it a part of you.  I suggest taking it one step at a time.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or to review any video tapes of you with the material.  I'm here to help you.

I am available to travel to your location to cover any CMA or self protection topics.  This hands on training is priceless.  E-mail or call and we can work out topics/agenda.  If you are after life saving knowledge, then I can help you.

Affiliated Instructor

If you already instruct self defense and want to be an affiliated instructor, then please contact Craig.  You will have to explain your training goals, philosphy and provide video proof of your skill level.