Combative Martial Arts Association

World class martial art training.

Adrenal Scenario Courses

These 3 hour courses are perfect for civilians looking for self protection.  Please refer to The Academy web site for more information on these courses -

 No martial art training is needed for these courses.

Finish It The Seminar

Like the book ‘Finish It’ this seminar will cover unarmed techniques, targets and ideas that will finish off an attacker.  The principles covered in this seminar will enhance and provide deeper insight into the participant’s martial art system.  Craig will cover techniques from Combative Martial Arts and techniques currently performed by the participants.  He will show how the techniques that you already practice can be used to put out an attacker.  He will then instruct drills to cement the techniques covered into the subconscious.  This seminar can be customized from 3 to 6 hours.

 Proposed Agenda:

 Training Objective

Vital Targets

Power Strikes

Set Ups


Schedule this fun, exciting seminar at your location.  This seminar can cover unarmed, stick or knife fighting based on the exciting 'Finish It' book series.

Knockout Seminar

This truely is a knockout.  Focus on a few key targets that can knockout an attacker.  Learn how to practice safely and learn drills that will take your training to the next level.  This will build on the material in 'Finish It With a Knockout'.

Self Protection Seminars

As you know, Craig's passion is self protection.  If the above seminars ideas do not suit your need we can design a self protection seminar that will.